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SEO ensures that users find your website and at the same time the essential number of visitors increases. In addition, your website content is optimized with SEO, which in turn means that search engines rate your website better, list it further up, and thus make it easier for people to find it. This in practice serves as a constant digital billboard for your company. People can find you organically through their everyday search engine if your webspace is optimized for that.

Beauty is not everything

Many people look at websites and think something along the lines of “oh, that looks beautiful”. But for SEO anything but looks matter. Among the main culprits are the loading speed of your page as well as keyword density. To get the ultimate SEO cherry on top custom code from one of our code-wizards will give you the edge. Semi-Professional Webdesign often disregards the minute technicalities of web design. Ultimately form follows function. To ensure things like optimal loading speed your website has to be optimized from the ground up.

Only number one

Landing on page three of google is nothing you should aspire to achieve. In reality, most people only use what comes up on page one of Google or other search engines they might use. And if you are in a competitive field this can require immense optimization and keyword densities. But it is possible with the right people at hand.

Here a few easy things to do on your web site to improve SEO:

  • Use the free Plugin Yoast SEO
  • Every image has to be optimized. For best results use software like Adobe Photoshop and do not use Plugins for this
  • Use The Google Page Speed Insights tool
  • Be a content behemoth. If you are not able to create that content, get somebody to do it for you. For SEO especially unique blog posts can improve SEO
  • Create a Wiki on your website serving as a knowledge base

Content is Key

You can optimize images and code all you want on your website, but as long as it is void of meaningful content google sear engines will not rank your page high enough. What people often underestimate is that it isn’t enough to design a website and have it sit there. A modern web space should be constantly moving, growing, and offer interesting content for its visitors. Furthermore, you should be the first place where people come to inform themselves about that thing that your website is about.

Content can range from Cross-Media to simple Blog Posts. Try to be as engaging as possible and think outside the box. People are always attracted to unique content that goes the extra mile.


Use Hyperlinks

Hyperlinks are simply linked up sentences or words that link to either page on your own page or other pages on the web. The more accurate your links and the more sense they make contextually the better. This will help Search Engines classify and rate your content better and hence improves the SEO rank of your page on google. As mentioned, there are two kinds of Hyperlinks. There are Inbound Links linking to your own page and outbound links that link to pages elsewhere.

Use Sub-Heading Distribution to improve SEO

It is important to use correct subheadings for your paragraphs. Also, take care of the length of your paragraphs.  as a rule of thumb, never use more than 150 words for one single paragraph.

Use the Free Yoast SEO Plugin

This is really in my opinion one of the absolute must-haves in any WordPress installation. The plug-in helps you to optimize your content. It is incredibly easy to use and the best thing it is 100% free.